Benefit Fraud: Terms of Use

1. General
1.1 is operated by QResults Limited ("We" "Us" "Our" "QResults"). We are registered in England and Wales under company number 05554171 and have Our registered office at TY NANT, CAPEL CELYN, BALA, Gwynedd, LL23 7NY.
1.2 This document (together with the documents referred to in it) tells you the terms of service ("Terms") which apply to the website ("Website"), which provides digital information for the purpose of reference ("Service"). The Terms apply whether you are a guest or a registered user. By using Our Website, you indicate that you accept these Terms and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from using the Website. We reserve the right to update and change the Terms from time to time without notice or acceptance by you.
2. Subject Matter
  It must be emphasised that QResults, the author of the publication and all concerned do not condone or in any way recommend benefit fraud. We accept at all times that benefit fraud is illegal, but wish to provide visitors to our website with the opportunity to be informed regarding all matters relating to this subject.
3. Description of Service
3.1 The Service is web-based and allows users that register for an account to gain access to a mechanism that presents digital information on the subject of benefit fraud in a format that can be navigated via one of the following supported web browsers/devices: IE8-Current Version, Firefox 12-Current, Google Chrome Current, Safari Current, Google Chrome for Android Devices Current, Safari for iPad Current, Opera Current. Other browsers/devices, whilst not officially supported, should be able to display both the Benefit Fraud website and the mechanism used for presenting digital information provided that they are capable of rendering HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
3.2 In order to use the Service, you must arrange for access to the Internet and provide all equipment necessary to make such connection. Information is delivered as a service exclusively via the World Wide Web. There is no alternative media type implied or offered. As part of the terms of use you accept that the information provided to registered users cannot be viewed or accessed in any other format other than via the User Area of this website.
4. Registration
4.1 Users under the age of 16 years of age may access this website but cannot be registered users or purchase any services from this website.
4.2 In order to use the Service, you must provide your forename, a valid email address and accept these terms of service. In addition, you will be required to pay a one-off fee that will entitle you to non-transferable access to content reserved for registered users. The amount that you pay will be detailed on this website at the time of purchase. There will be no additional fees applicable, either at the time of purchase or in the future. We do not store any of your credit/debit card details on any of our servers as these are handled by a PCI compliant third party. The remaining information that you provide (forename and email) will be relayed to our servers and stored solely for the purpose of you accessing the user area of this site. Your details will never be issued to any third party for any reason other than if we are forced to disclose our data by law. In short we collect minimum data from you and do not share it with any other companies for any reason. Our website has been designed to deliver instant access to the registered user area following payment being received via our third party payment gateway. This process is automated; however, we cannot be held accountable for any interruption to services caused by third party companies whose terms of service are beyond our control.
4.3 You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account. You agree to immediately notify Us via email of any unauthorised use of your password or account or any other breach of security and you must ensure that you exit from your account at the end of each session. If we suspect that more than one user is accessing the registered user area, using a single set of credentials, then that user account will be suspended whilst we investigate the potential breach. If we are unable to acertain the breach within 30 days then the account will be restored. The rule here is one password one registered user.
5. Cancellation and Termination
5.1 The service that you are purchase requires a single on-off payment which permits access to the information that you have purchased. If you wish to have access removed and your name and email removed from our system then contact us with your request and we will reply confirming the removal.
5.2 We may, in our sole discretion, terminate your password, and/or account, and remove and discard any Content within the Service, for any reason, including and without limitation, the lack of use, or if We believe that you have violated or acted inconsistently the Terms. Any contracts, verbal or written, in conjunction with your deleted website, will, at Our discretion, be terminated as well. We may also, in our sole discretion and at any time, discontinue providing the Service, or any part thereof, with or without notice.
5.3 You agree that any termination of your access to the Service under these Terms may be effected without prior notice. We reserve the right to bar any further access to our content and/or the Service. We will not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to the Service.
6. Privacy
  We may collect statistical data when you use the Website/Service. For further information please see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice.
7. Refunds
  It is very important that you take your time and read our website in order to determine if purchasing registered user access is of use to you. The service itself took almost 1 year to complete and faithfully documents a genuine first-hand account of the entire benefit fraud investigation process. In addition, it is research back and regularly reviewed, in order to ensure that it is maintained as a relevant work on the subject of benefit fraud. As you may appreciate a lot off effort has gone into making this work possible, for this reason we do not offer a refund once you have successfully logged into the registered user area. All successful initial logins are time stamped and maintained in our database. This approach is not particular to us, but common practice to protect digital services whose value is derived once the contents is viewed.
8. Intellectual Property Rights
  You agree to indemnify and hold QResults, its officers, directors, shareholders, predecessors, successors in interest, employees, agents, subsidiaries and affiliates, harmless from any demands, loss, liability, claims or expenses (including legal’ fees), made against Us by any third party due to or arising out of or in connection with your use of the Site.
9. Indemnity
  You agree to indemnify and hold QResults, its officers, directors, shareholders, predecessors, successors in interest, employees, agents, subsidiaries and affiliates, harmless from any demands, loss, liability, claims or expenses (including legal fees), made against Us by any third party due to or arising out of or in connection with your use of the Site.
10. Disclaimer
  You expressly understand and agree that your use of the Service is at your sole risk. The Service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. We expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Nothing on our website or our Service constitutes advice. If in doubt always seek professional legal advice.
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